Oy, Baby, Only 30-odd Shopping Days ‘Til Chanukah

oybabyNow I know why my mother started stashing packages high in her closet starting in October: Two kids times eight nights is intense, man.

There’s only so many books and non-plastic toys out there that my children don’t already have, but I have one less gift to mull over thanks to Super Auntie Esther Kustanowitz (otherwise known as My Urban Kvetch), who’s in the know about simply all kinds of things (though I had to skip her spoiler post on “Lost” since I’m only up through Season 1.)

Call it Baby Mozart for Pupiks. Oy Baby began as a video to expose Jewish children to the sounds, music and symbols of Jewish life. Any product that serves the purpose of teaching Judaica AND giving parents a few minutes of downtime when their brilliant Jewish children aren’t asking questions about the nature of the universe and/or using scissors on the dog was bound to be a success.

A new version, Oy, Baby 2, is currently being birthed and is age appropriate for up to 5 years. Jewish musicians Craig Taubman and Rick Recht guest star, so not only will this video/CD be rockin’ fun for the whole family, it’ll actually be cool. (The blog has a sample of “Shalom Rav” with a “mystery” singer — has to be Recht. Am I the only one who chokes up hearing that song? Must be a case of camp nostalgia…)

One thought on “Oy, Baby, Only 30-odd Shopping Days ‘Til Chanukah

  1. Yo, Yenta! Thanks for the kind words. OyBaby 2 is here and ready to ship to your little bubbeleh in time for Hanukkah.

    Yep, that’s Rick on Shalom Rav.

    Thanks for the plug!

    Rob Wolf
    OyBaby LLC

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