Osama Likes At Least One Jew

osama…or at least his book, anyway. William Blum, the author of “Rogue State: A Guide To The World’s Only Superpower” has seen the sales of his book explode after Osama bin Laden recommended it to Americans in last week’s delirious dispatch from the mountains.

Wait…does this mean Osama is starting his own book club? And if I read it (’cause now I’m interested, just like everyone else, ‘cept I’m not buying it on Amazon; that fabulous independent bookstore haven of mine already stocked five copies) and I find it interesting, does that mean I’m a member?

2 thoughts on “Osama Likes At Least One Jew

  1. I tottally did not catch the book endorsement in his new taped message. There was no mention of it anywhere on the news. They just focused on the new threats and the USA-bashing. I guess they didn’t want the endorsement to get anymore publicity than they want it to recieve. Makes you wonder how objective the media really is. Personally i’m not much of a book person so I’ll wait till the made-for-tv movie version comes out.

  2. I didn’t watch his latest video. I’d rather give mass-murderers as little attention as possible (they like the attention), If nobody had listened to Hitler’s speeches he wouldn’t have been able to do what he did.

    Also I think Rogue State: A guide to the “World’s Only Superpower”, like many americans are thinking to highly of their country. We’ve been attacked, we can be attacked, We’re not invincible. I think we should spend more time imporiving our country rather than going around thinking “Look at us we are the best!” that only brings more hatred from others.

    Lastly I think the idea that anti-Semetism is only or mainly comming from other countries is wrong. Wake up people, there are thousands of Nazis in THIS country, who want to kill us all, and they blame us for these attacks =| I think that is just as a big a problem as some weirdo with a long beard who fly’s planes into buildings and releases low-quality but highly-popular videos.

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