Neil Diamond Gets Down n’ Dirty

neil diamondSweet Caroline, is it true? Yes, Neil Diamond has a new album out and it’s completely devoid of rhinestones, sequins and anything that might inspire your mom to throw her underpants onstage.

Producer genius Rick Rubin, who once upon a time helped rocket a trio of rappin’ Jew boys to fame and fortune, has turned his less-is-more-for-old-fogies philosophy (his collaboration with Johnny Cash is considered to be one of the most brilliant works of the past decade) onto Diamond, long thought to be put out to pasture in Vegas.

The new album, 12 Songs, showcases Diamond’s talents as a songwriter without gunking it up with splashy instrumentation; the other musicians on the album sound like they’re barely there. It’s just a man with a guitar and a whole lotta soul — “Delirious Love” is destined to the classic for young couples who never even heard of “Love On The Rocks.”

I haven’t listened to the entire thing yet, but I’m calling this one of my faves — and not just because he’s Jewish. But I do have this irrisistible urge to rent The Jazz Singer this weekend…

2 thoughts on “Neil Diamond Gets Down n’ Dirty

  1. I’ve never been a Neil Diamond fan – I always thought his thought his stuff was way over-the-top-schmaltzy – but I just bought ’12 Songs’ on your say-so and let me tell you, this is a GREAT album. Thanks for the recommendation.

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