My Own Private Carnival

trapezeThanks to Esther and JDaters Anonymous, I no longer believe a blog carnival to be something that requires hand-painted Spandex and a trapeze.

While it seems that official blog carnivals have bloggers submit their own posts, lack of time and publicity dictate that I compile a “homemade” carnival of this week’s Jewish news, which is a lot like the homemade bird costume I sewed my son last week: It won’t win any awards, but like those blue wings made from a pair of outgrown shiny warm-up pants, it’ll provide hours of entertainment:

This week in the JBlogosphere, Esther’s review of the world’s only Ecstacy seder movie, “When Do We We Eat?” is over at Jewlicious.

The Yada Blog directs us to an IM interview with Matisyahu, in which he expressing his wish to discuss Midrash with Madonna, but doesn’t mention his recent status as pariah for dumping his long-time managers at non-profit JDub Records for the guy who discovered Nirvana.

The Jewish Ledger does not include the Yenta in its Beginner’s Guide to Jewish Blogging, but does mention our buddy the Jewish Blogmeister.

Dan Pine’s column in this week’s j. addresses the cattiness of the Jewish people, which touched on my own personal neurosis about comparing myself to other Jews.

Finally, this week’s Torah portion, a double whammy about the role of Shabbat and the building of the tabernacle that housed the tablets, helps us understand that every single one of us, even little ol’ you, matters.

That ought to keep you swinging from the ceiling for awhile. Shabbat Shalom, friends.

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