Most Unlikely Place To See A Torah…

chagall…would be on a Disney cruise, right? The entire Yenta family (including the my in-laws) took a quick 3-day trip last weekend to the Bahamas on board the Disney Wonder, a 10-deck marvel of Mickey Mouse-shaped pools, Cinderella buffets and Goofy entertainment. I’m not one for the conspicuous consumption that Disney defines, but I’m tellin’ y’all, they know how to do “fun” right.

Anyhoo, one of the hallways was covered in famous art – all for sale – and while we were walking towards yet another restaurant (so…much…food on these cruises!) Little Yenta Girl shouts out “Look Mommy, a torah!” It was a beautiful Marc Chagall etching with Hebrew letters, right there on the wall overlooking the crowds of gentiles (in four days, I counted at least four t-shirts depicting Jesus and his thorny crown.)

It was incongruous, yet really cool.

I couldn’t find the exact print to show you, but here’s “Moise II”. Get to tons more Chagall from here.

2 thoughts on “Most Unlikely Place To See A Torah…

  1. How amazing! You are doing something right if Little Yenta Girl recognizes an artistic rendition of the Torah. I was a little surprised to read about the “traditional” style vacation. Not typical for Yenta family, I know, but fun is fun!! 😉
    Welcome home and I will call soon to catch up.

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