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dadMy dad, Dr. Skip, has been been doing a far better job of updating his blog than I have.

Of course, if I had huge kidney tumors and witch violence to write about, I might be more garrulous.

Please, read his latest updates here – it gets a little gory, but they’re really saving lives in Tanzania.

A friend wrote to ask if they’re on a “mission,” wondering if my father and brother went to Tanzania as part of one of the many organizations in Africa that promise medical care and food relief to indigenous people – as long as they convert to a particular religious belief. My friend was concerned because good people donate tons of money to these groups that basically practice spiritual blackmail – give up your savage tribal ways and we’ll give your baby some clean water!

While this is not funny at all, the thought of my obnoxiously agnostic brother preaching some fusion of Jewish evangelism to a group of African schoolchildren made me spray sweet tea out of my nose with giggles. He thinks I’m practically a fundamentalist because I teach Sunday School!

Oh hee-ELL no, I told my pal. Dr. Skip and Bro da Doc are really there to help whomever shows up at the door, and they couldn’t care less what their patients believe as long as they’ve got something surgically fascinating for them to diagnose and possibly cut out.

I actually think it’s a organization out of United Arab Emirates who funded the trip – which just goes to show you this is a religion-free deal. Which oxymoronically, may be the key to tikkun olam.

3 thoughts on “More Dr. Skip and Bro da Doc

  1. weird funny to even try to imagine Jewish doctors trying to convert in exchange for health care … “and how about a circumcision for your baby son while you’re here for his shots?”

  2. Jessica, I love this piece because you nailed what we are about. But don’t be too hard on the faith motivated people who do good things. I’ve met so many of them in my travels and found that their religious fervor is usually largely overshadowed by their work and personal humanity. And no, we did not circumsize anyone!

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