“Modern Judaism?”

Well that was the title of the email that was sent to my inbox a few weeks back containg this silly photo. You know how it is when family and friends send you “cute” imagesand jokes that you didn’t ask for… daily! Anyhow, this one was worth keeping, IMO. Its wrong for so many reasons yet so hilarious.

Modern Judaism?

6 thoughts on ““Modern Judaism?”

  1. I don’t know. It’s not so bad. After all, the guys who took the wall back from the Arabs were not exactly in tuxedos. And besides, if this guy was having a truly moving moment there’s no telling who he was sharing it with.

  2. Why would anyone characterize this as sad or abnormal? This man is praying at the Kotel and probably has a family member on the phone who is praying with him.
    This is actually a pretty normal thing at the Kotel. I’ve seen haredi men do this. They place the phone to the Kotel so that their family members overseas can pray to it as well. The image in this link http://www.hofesh.org.il/yoman/yoman9812_kotel.jpghttp://www.hofesh.org.il/yoman/yoman9812_kotel.jpg was published in Thomas Friedman’s The Lexus and the Olive Tree.
    It is not sad at all, in fact we should be rejoicing to see people who are unable to visit Jerusalem for various reasons, getting the opportunity to pray at the Kotel through their loved ones’ presence and modern technology. It is a modern version of the prayer scrawls that are placed into cracks of the Kotel.

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