MLK Matters

mlkHope everyone’s been lucky enough to have this day for themselves and/or family, but it occured to me that the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. should no more be “enjoyed” than Yom Kippur.

From that cool cat at Chicotown:

It’s a crime to treat this holiday as nothing more than a “black holiday” (or a Free day from school/work) and to suggest that his life didn’t affect yours just because you are not of an African decent. Its your holiday too, realize it, embrace it, and help continue his legacy and his progress towards universal peace and tolerance.

Couldn’t have said it better, yo. Keep the dream alive.

5 thoughts on “MLK Matters

  1. I’ll second that notion. To bad I didn’t have the day off but when I’m self emplpoyed or I own my own company I’ll set the rules and honor his day appropriately.

  2. Talking about MLK day. Can you believe the racist comments made by African-american mayor Ray Nagin. He stated that New Orleans was for blacks, and that God, yes he said God, intended it to be that way. This guy is a bigot and should resign his position. I wonder if he is connected to the Black Supremecy group The Nation of Islam.

  3. Jon Stewart on The Daily Show suggested that Nagin’s idea of building a “chocolate city” is a bad idea. They should use “brittle” or a tougher material. He cited the known effects of keeping a snickers bar in your pocket. “Chocolate” is not wise, just watch the willy wonka movie, send a copy of the DVD to Ray Nagin.

  4. I have to say you are right on the money. I think it is a shame people treat this as a “Black” Hoilday. He was more then a Black man but a Civil right leader for the Jews, Hispanics, Blacks and any other minority…….

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