Menorah of the Week: Stick it in the Spokes of a Consumer Economy

Oy, Black Friday, Cyber Monday…sounds like extra Passover plagues, nu?

I come from a long line of bargain hunters, but trampling each other at Wal-Mart might be an indicator that shopping has become a sickness in America.

Yes, sitting at home today with a cocktail and clicking until the credit card charges prompt a phone call from a VISA customer service agent inquiring whether you meant to purchase six inflatable aqua bars to be delivered to your children’s elementary school may also warrant a reign-in of spending superpowers.

I know, Chanukah and Christmas are coming up fast and your list is long. And Android tablets can be found for less than a pair of decent shoes (me, I’ll take the shoes.) But are you really saving if you’re buying buying endlessly buying cheap sh*t from China that will be obsolete by spring?

I’m not gonna begrudge your enthusiasm in keeping the economy going; Lord knows someone’s gotta. I’mma just sayin’ it would be so lovely to spread some of that dough to the artisans putting out lovingly handcrafted items like this supercool Bicycle Menorah from Susan Fillenbaum.

And whaddya know–shipping is free for Cyber Monday!

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