Mel Don’t Do Mush

user submitted pictureWhy won’t director Mel Brooks be shooting the remake of The Producers in Toronto?
“The bagels, just the bagels alone,” he said. “You go to Toronto, they’re mushy.” Instead, the filming will be in done in New York, where true boiled bagels rain from the sky from cream cheese clouds.
The Producers: The Movie Musical will star Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick, who headlined in the Tony award-winning Broadway show that was based on Brooks’ original 1968 screenplay starring Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder. Brooks has also brought in Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell to round out the cast, so you know this remake just may be as hilarious as the original.
Back on the subject of bagels, let us just say that they’ve been co-opted from their Jewish origins so badly here in Northern California (think spelt) that we’ve switched to English muffins.

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