Masada Is Falling, Masada Is Falling!

masadaaaWell, maybe just crumbling a little.

Don’t let it kill your tourist jones, though: Geologists from Israel and the U.S. are on it, bolting rocks together and field testing new rock monitoring systems.

If only someone would pay as much attention to remaking the movie “Masada,” that 1981 stinker starring Peter O’Toole and Peter Strauss. Screw “Gladiator” — this story is a true epic. The Yenta’s personal casting choices are intelligent woman’s Jewish pin-up man Liev Schrieber as zealot leader Elazar ben Yair and creepy Billy Zane as Roman governor Flavius Silva.

2 thoughts on “Masada Is Falling, Masada Is Falling!

  1. Stinker indeed. I picked up a copy at a garage sale and was amazed that there was any furniture left after Peter O’Toole got finished chewing it. Did he have to YELL every SINGLE WORD?

  2. LMAO… saw that movie so long ago, I guess we can blame it on the 80’s. I agree with this Hollywood craze of doing big budget remakes (The Omen? King Kong?) this would be a great one to fund. If only the stories of Jews owning Hollywood were true…

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