LMAO – more Yenta Semantics?

So this morning I emailed Connect Savannah writer Robin Wright Gunn (who tells me she’s launching her own blog any minute now – go, girl!) to compliment her on her latest column about the ironic choice of Ray Bradbury’s eerily prescient Fahrenheit 451 as one of only 16 books chosen by the NEA for the community-wide library reading program The Big Read.

Specifically, I called her the “shizznit,” not because I’m dope like that, but because I have found that when I write “sh*t” in work-related emails there is a corporate censorship gnome that kicks it back to me.

snoopAnd Robin – always on top of her journalism and wordsmithing, bless her heart – writes back that when she Googled “shizznit,” she assumed that coming from me, it was Yiddish. And was a bit dismayed to find out it’s actually attributed to Snoop Dogg.

I feel damn honored to be the conduit through which the mamaloshen and street talk flow, yo.

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