Like We Don’t Have Enough Problems

michael richardsSo are the Jews going to claim Kramer?

After Michael Richards’ self-destructing N-bomb tirade (you can’t appreciate its power until you see the video) landed him on the exclusive list of Celebrities Not Smart/Sober Enough To Keep Their Prejudices To Themselves, rumours abounded that he also liked to verbally abuse Jews.

Ridiculous, said his publicist. He can’t possibly be anti-Semitic, he’s Jewish, dontcha know!

Oh hell no he’s not, sayeth the Jewish Journal. Dude was born to a Catholic mother and eshews organized religion for the mysterious religion-like practices of Freemasonry.

K’, so he’s not officially Jewish, says the publicist. But he’d really like to be.

Very convenient, nu? Sorry, Mike — too little, too late, but maybe you and Jesse Jackson can get together for an apology tour through Himeytown?

3 thoughts on “Like We Don’t Have Enough Problems

  1. Yeah, me too. Its a big media circus and now everybody is suing everybody else. Kramer wants to sue the camera phone ppl, the offended dudes want to sue Kramer, the real Kramer in NYC wants to distance himself, etc. etc. It makes me sick, almost want to stick to Discovery Channel and TLC and watch nothing else on the crap tube (TV).

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