Let Israel be Jewish, dude.

Israeli FlagI’m not trying to come across as leading a crusade (pun intended) on anti-semitic Christians but these dudes keep finding new ways to get under my skin (pun intended, again!) Don’t get me wrong… I have cool Christian friends who’ll vouch for my tolerance of Jesus fish and Christmass-consumption-shop-a-holic Day.

But today I must offer a double whopper focused on the radical Christian “jihad” on all things Jewish.

Lets start at www.India-Forum.com (who’s title I borrowed) where they start off with the following:

Israel has allowed Daystar, a Texas-based Christian evangelical TV channel, to telecast into Israeli homes and attempt to proselytize Israel’s five million Jews. Is this religious freedom or adding insult to the Jewish injury?

From there on the article explores the loooooooong history of anti-Jewish activity by Christians from the inquisition to their new invasion of our Israeli cable TV. It’s well worth the read!

Next, Michael A. Gold thoughtfully sent me an email forward that brought to my attention how the Presbyterian Church (PC-USA) and other Christian denominations are bad-mouthing the state of Israel. Check out this quote from the e-mail:

Unfortunately, some of PC-USA’s leadership has also traveled to Lebanon and met with the Hezbollah terrorist organization. Over the past two years, the PC-USA has fed its membership a diet of imbalanced and one-sided material harshly critical of Israel, so that members have only heard one side of a complex story.

Holy smokes! I thought these dudes were about love, peace, and nappiness? We’ll not the nappy hair part but still, why rub elbows with Hezbollah of all groups? Luckily the good folks at The Simon Wiesenthal Center have a petition up, that I’ve already signed, urging the leaders of the Presbyterian Church to chill out and leave Israel alone.

Fearless readers, I leave you with just one word: vigilance!

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  1. If they do get paid I hope they aren’t sending a “kick-back” to the Israeli government… now that would be crooked!

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