LDS “Do-Gooders”: Please F*%k Off

The Mormon Church’s practice of “baptizing” the names of Jews killed in the Holocaust first came to my attention in 2005 and really, I’ve tried to be diplomatic about it.

These folks think it’s a good thing to “save” the deceased so they can hang in the holy afterworld, but rather than keeping to their own dead relatives, they thought it’d be fun to invite everyone to the Mormon afterparty. Supposedly LDS leaders ordered a “cease and desist” of this unbelievably misguided, disrespectful and yes, blasphemous nonsense. Yet still, it continues:

Since 2005, ongoing monitoring of the database by an independent Salt Lake City-based researcher shows both resubmissions and new entries of names of Dutch, Greek, Polish and Italian Jews. The researcher Helen Radkey, who has done contract work for the Holocaust group, said her research suggests that lists of Holocaust victims obtained from camp and government records are being dumped into the database. She said she has seen and recorded a sampling of several thousand entries that indicate Mormon religious rites, including baptisms, had been conducted for these Holocaust victims, some as recently as July.

Ernest Michel, honorary chairman of the American Gathering of Holocaust Survivors, held a press conference on Monday that ran in dozens of news outlets, but none of those might say it as plainly as I’m gonna say it now:

Hey Mormons: Our dead relatives don’t need your stinkin’ Jesus. They don’t want to play basketball or braid each other’s hair or sit around and drink caffiene-free Coke with you in Heaven. God loves us Jews no matter what (check your Pentecost!) so you can keep your “good intentions” to yourselves. Got it, beeotches?

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