Last Chance for Chanukah Ruach

8nights*Sigh*. I’m feeling depleted and defeated as we come up on this last night of the Festival of Lights. We haven’t lit the menorah on time even once, and we were so late to synagogue on Friday night we missed the mass community lighting. Maybe it’s because it snuck up on me this year being so early, but it hasn’t felt so much like a holiday as a stressful obligation where we overindulge the children and eat too much. And that sounds like the complaints I hear from non-Jewish parents about Christmas. I ask you, what’s the point of being a Jew if I have to suffer the same way the goyim do?

Even our lawn decor kinda sucked this year. Half the blue blinky lights I bought last year didn’t work (not so shocking considering I bought them at Wal-Mart) so all we had was a modest spiral up the palm tree in the front yard. But here’s irony for ya: As of today, our Jewish house is the only one with holiday lights on the block. So apparently seasonal apathy is going around all the religions, kinda like one of those viruses that jumps continents.

Fortunately, our rabbi got very into spirit this year and is displaying this 7-foot gem of inflatable Jewishness in his front yard. I’m fairly sure the other rabbis in town would like to box his ears for it, but Reb Belzer’s never been one to follow the crowd (a post to come on how he brought Mickve Israel’s awesome new addition to its museum, an 8-foot scale model of The William and Sarah, the ship the original 41 Sephardic settlers docked in Savannah in 1733.) But I have to say, he’s set the bar rather high for us outlaw Jews – what, I gotta put one of these out next year?

Anyway, I’m going to muster some true warmth and glow for the last night, no fancy food, just a last plate of latkes and friends and family. And everyone’s getting socks, like it or not.

5 thoughts on “Last Chance for Chanukah Ruach

  1. Maybe it has something to do with the 70 degree weather- not very “holiday season”. Besides, Hanukkah is supposed to be more low key. Save your umph for Rosh Hashanah, Purim and others. I feel certain that El Yenta boy and girl are not suffering!

    Either way, Happy Hanukkah to you and the rest of the yenta family and enjoy the last night of oil! My love and greasy latke kisses to you all!

  2. I’m with you – I’m depressed, and I can’t figure out why. Perhaps it’s because I enjoyed this one more than in the past – that I can’t figure out either. Anyway, Chag Chanukah Sameach one last time.

  3. Yo — So I was driving thru your ‘hood recently & making snide comments about some of the over top goyisch decorations, then I rounded the corner & saw the rebbe’s Chanukah bear. Had to eat my words, but the bear is bodacious.

  4. I feel the same way. I stayed up to watch as the last candle flickered and died away. It was really pretty sad. I love Chanukah even though it is a minor holiday. We had an awesome party. I like to cheer up by looking forward to the next holiday. Let’s see..there’s a fast coming up….then there’s Tu B’shvat…and then PURIM! Woohoo! Now that’s a fun holiday!
    My hubby won’t let me get the 8′ blow up menorah of Jewishness. I’m one of those who likes a nice tacky yard for Chanukah. 🙂 Here’s something I aspire to do:

  5. Okay all you depressives out there–
    don’t put the blow-up menorah too far back in the closet. Chanukah 2008 comes out 12/21 so we can definitely have a Chanukah/Xmas next year WITH lots of latkes and singing for the light of G-d.
    who is already planning to show up on her kid’s doorsteps

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