Ketchup Yenta

Heinz_Organic_KetchupOy, dahlinks, I am so farmisht.

I’ve  been so super busy over at the day job that it may seem like I’m neglecting my dear mishpoche over here. But I promise I’ve been fighting for the forces of good and tikkun olam  best I can, farblongent schmo that I am.

Let us “ketchup,” organically, of course: This week’s (Civil) Society Column encourages everyone to stand up for food by attending a March Against Monsanto tomorrow – there is one near you! Why should you go? Here are 5 Very Good Reasons.

Then, I’m gonna quote myself:

Monsanto, the creepiest and most insidious corporate Godzilla in the history of humankind, can package up its tumor-causing corn with some asbestos flakes, slap a cute cartoon character on it and call it cereal. And when the last of the underfunded independent research facilities finally proves it causes cancer, Monsanto’s CEOs will cackle maniacally as they enjoy cocktails and cigars in their hermetically-sealed underground biodome.

The injustice that this corporation commits every day towards our nation’s farmers, our health and our future. Our freedom depends on our food! Hope to see y’all out there, if only for the organic delicious popsicles at the Forsyth Farmers Market.

On the micro injustice level, I’ve also been busy pointing out the folly of the developers who built a monstrous rooming house in my historic neighborhood and how the city plans to do not a frickin’ thing about it. Every day I wake up to the Nightmare on 61st Street and feel so helpless, though I remind myself that a giant ugly building in front of my windows doesn’t come close to the horror experienced by those who lost their homes and lives to the Oklahoma tornado this week. Bless them with courage and those around them with kindness.

Also preoccupying my time: The dog has recently been diagnosed with diabetes. This means two shots a day of expensive pug insulin and expensive special food that without, she will slip into a diabetic coma and die. So I buy the cheap tea while she ogles me with her goggly pug eyes and pray that the goldfish don’t develop gout.

On the good news front, El Yenta Man was voted Best Personal Trainer by the readers of Connect Savannah! Look at him, so handsome. (I missed a fourth win as Best Blogger by a narrow margin; guess I shoulda reminded y’all to vote, oops! But like I sez, I AM FARBLONGENT)

Oh! AND I had the honor of performing at Indigo Sky Gallery’s Blank Page Poetry event last weekend, too – I know I already shared “One True Poem from a Housewife” with you, but for those who cannot get enough of me (thanks, Mom!) here’s the video:

Life does not appear to be slowing down at all with the school year winding down and the imminent arrival of my parents next week (Happy 71st Birthday, DAD!)

And holy wow, it’s Friday again! May all be blessed on this long weekend and/or Shabbos that’s coupled with a Super Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius – those in the know say these are powerful times to create our highest good. Maybe those who aren’t down with the program will levitate off the planet.

Standing on the precipice of this mental moment, I am hugely grateful that my kids are happy and healthy, my mother-in-law continues to drift in the fog of dementia but appears content, I have a job doing what I’m supposed to do and my air-conditioning works.

Plus, I have bar of organic fair trade chocolate stashed in the pantry.



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