Jews Say “Heil?”

jewishsoldierI think we can all join in the ironic fun of a German-produced comedy about a bed-wetting Hitler (which unfortunately, according to several sources, is not very funny. Even the movie’s lead actor says it’s lame.)

While it’s nice that we’re regaining our sense of humor about the attempted genocide of our people, what do you make of Jews joining up to serve in the German army? Ironic, but notsomuch in the fun kind of way, right?

Far from being shocking in the uber-politically-correct climate of today’s Germany, the concept of Jews in the army is apparently “normal.” This article from Deustche Welle estimates there are 200 voluntary Jewish enlistees in the 250,000-strong post-Nazi Bundeswehr, the armed service that is required for everyone except well, Jews. After WWII, the Central Council of Jews in Germany and the defense ministry “made a deal that exempted Jews up to the third generation of Holocaust victims.” (There’s no mention of what will happen when this agreement expires somewhere in the next decade or so.)

Many of the Jewish soldiers are recent immigrants from Russia, who “seem to have fewer qualms about serving in the German army as do the third and fourth generation of German Jews.”

This image of a WWII German Jewish soldier (how ya like that Iron Cross? Creepy!) is borrowed from Dr. Bryan Mark Riggs’ book, Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers: The Untold Story.

Hat tip to Bangitout.

2 thoughts on “Jews Say “Heil?”

  1. Honey, if you’ve read the New Testament you know that the Jewish Messiah will establish a Millenial Kingdom in G-d’s name. Hitler’s 1,000 year Reich was Satan’s attempt to userp G-d’s throne. How else can you explain Hitler’s (Satan’s) obsession with destroying G-d’s chosen people?

    There will always be 99% of the people who don’t see the big picture plan; with the remaining 1% leading the way to salvation. G-d’s hand brought down the Nazis, as he did Goliath. Have faith in our common inter-faith union in His Glory. Let’s praise the Hebrew G-d together, forever!

  2. I’m not sure what the above response has to do with Jews in the German army. Looks like typical missionary trolling. I’ve read the new testament, I like Ovid’s Metamorphoses better.
    In Judaism, Hasatan is directly under G-d’s control, so he would not userp G-d’s throne or destroy the Jews.
    Before talking about common beliefs, you should make sure we have them in common, first.

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