Jewish Trainers Are Hot!

user submitted pictureWe are so into this new show, Housecalls, on Discovery’s FitTV, and not just because it stars Mark Lebos, the buffest, smartest Jmerican around. Mark and his co-host, Shaman, pay visits to real people in their real homes (no Spandex allowed!) and design practical exercise programs to be done in between loads of laundry, putting the kids to bed and *ahem* shoulder-slouching sessions in front of the computer screen. Most of FitTV features a bunch of shiny plastic people grinning their way through jazzercise on the beach; us couch potatoes appreciate the reality of broom handle lunges and water jug tricep extensions. Think of it as “Fit Eye for the Fat Guy.”
Check it out Mondays at 8pm if you’ve got Discovery’s FitTV on your dish or box; otherwise, call your cable company and request it.

8 thoughts on “Jewish Trainers Are Hot!

  1. “almost as fast of his wife” does not cut it! I saw mike can stop a knife attack on his website. WHo’s his wife anyways, i want to see her too. Lets arange a Pay-Per-View Event to settle this J tussle.

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