Jewish Rapper Decamps For Jesus

user submitted pictureThough he retired around Passover this year, 50 Shekel, formerly touted as the “World’s Most Kosher MC” for his “In Da Shul” parody of 50 Cent’s “In Da Club’, has been born again. As in Born Again. As in he’s rappin’ as a Jew for Jesus now.
Yiddy Fiddy, aka Aviad Cohen, launched a new web site last week that details his sudden conversion after watching Mel Gibson’s The Passion, which sounds like a parody in itself save for his New Testament-y sincerity.
Music critic Arye Dworkin at credits the meanies at Jewschool (who criticized Shek with postings about his career and religious credibility) with driving him into the arms of those culty people our mother always warned us about. Mobius’ response (in which to he admits to being a big bully but insists 50 Shekel must take responsibility for his his own choice) and the ensuing discussion provide quite an insight into how nasty it can get out here in the blogosphere.
We’re sorry, Fiddy, we always had your back. But listen up: Not only are the Jews for Jesus people psycho, Christian rap jus’ plain sucks.

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