Jewish Girls Are Easy

So sez Charlotte Glynn, a Columbia MFA student tryin’ to get her film made of the same name.

I happened upon her Kickstarter page and I have to say, the plot sounds hilariously blasphemous:

Our film starts with Tova, our feisty and cutting protagonist, who is looking forward to hosting the first night of Passover with her brother, Sol. But Sol has disappeared with the brisket and Tova has woken up from a one-night stand with a hickey on her breast that looks like the Virgin Mary. Colin, the one-night stand, thinks he’s witnessed a miracle and will not leave her side. To make things worse, angry drug dealers have thrown a brick through Tova’s window, threatening her for a late payment. With four hours until sundown, will Tova be able to find Sol, shake Colin, avoid the drug dealers and get Passover off without a hitch?

Sounds like the most meshuggeneh onscreen seder since “When Do We Eat?”, nu?

All I want to know is if I donate, do I get a t-shirt?

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