Jewbano Tzedakeh

Yenta homegirl Sarah Aroeste – she of the Ladino-flavored jazz – is turning her smoky Sephardic eyes to the Jews of Cuba. Not only is she kicking off her fall tour in Cuba, she’s bringing much-needed supplies with her. And you can help!

From the press release:

This past year Sarah has collaborated with acclaimed Cuban-born musician, Roberto Rodriguez. Together, they have launched a project of all original, Sephardic-inspired, Cuban-infused music. Sarah is thrilled to be bringing their song project directly to Cuba next month! If you’d like to be a part of this exciting project, there are several ways you can get involved: In addition to the music she will be presenting, Sarah will also be bringing humanitarian supplies and donations for the Jewish communities of Havana and Cienfuegos.

If you work in the medical or pharmaceutical professions, there are several supplies that have been requested to be brought over. If you’d like to contribute, please click here to find out how. Supplies must arrive either at the Aroeste Music office in NYC by August 31st or at the tour departure point in Miami by Sept. 9th.

Looking forward to Sarah and Roberto’s collaboration – it’s sure be muy caliente. And if you haven’t heard Sarah’s latest album, Puertas, you’re on the wrong side of the door (ha ha, see how I did that?).

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