J.D. Hayworth Is A Better Jew Than Who?

With November 6 coming up fast, there are plenty of local races where the good guys are standing up to the corrupt schmuckos, and here’s a little story that hasn’t even hit the papers yet.

But before go there, let’s dance a two-step hora at the fabulous news that the Jewish cowboy is running deep in the hearts of Texans: Kinky Friedman is second in the polls in the race for governor. Ride ’em, Kinkster!

jdhayworthBut here’s the story you’ll hear first on Yo, Yenta: The race for Arizona’s Fifth congressional district has gotten hotter than bacon fat on a Mercedes in the Scottsdale sun as Republican incumbent JD Hayworth, all-around corporate stooge and “generally known as one of the most conservative members of Congress” continues to reveal his troglodyte DNA when standing next to his Democratic challenger, Harry Mitchell, a former teacher and the mayor of my hometown of Tempe for 20 years.

Hayworth made the Jewish blogs earlier in the year with his revelation that he’s a big fan of Henry Ford’s anti-Semitic vision of “Americanization.” He’s the 2nd largest recipient of Abramoff-related contributions according to Congresspedia and figures prominently on both Most Corrupt and Dumbest congressmen watchdog lists.

You can imagine that up against kind, straight-up Harry, the guy looks like a ham in a Hugo Boss suit. Which is probably why he sent a stand-in to speak for him at this week’s debate at Scottsdale’s Temple Beth Israel.

As told by witnesses (namely my parents, who have worked on Harry’s campaign since its humble beginnings and have been part of the movement that has helped this excellent Democrat raise more money than his lobby-lined-pocketed opponent), Hayworth’s representative Jonathon Trott relied on the ol’ “Democrats don’t support Israel” strategy from the Republican playbook. When that didn’t fly with the audience, Trott sputtered into the crowd, “JD Hayworth is a better Jew than you!”

Oh, no he di’int.

Oh, but he did. And if that doesn’t cause every single Jew in Scottsdale to change party affiliations no matter what the motherf*cking property tax code says, than y’all ought to be turned out into the Arizona desert with no cell phones or Evian for 40 years.

Following is an eyewitness account and the e-mail circulating about the incident:

Last Tuesday night’s debate forum put on by the Council of Jewish Women at Temple Beth Israel began admirably. By the time it ended many were horror-stricken. After sensible debates between state office candidates came a civilized contest between Senate candidates Jim Pederson and Jon Kyle. Except for some uncalled for heckling of Senator Kyl (he deserves more respect than that even if you disagree with his politics).
The main event was a scheduled debate between Harry Mitchell and his opponent for District 5 US representative, J.D. Hayworth. For whatever reason Hayworth chose not to show up but send in his place one Jonathan Tratt and his wife. What followed was a most obnoxious and revolting attempt at amateurish rabble rousing. While Mr. Mitchell, to his credit, remained unflustered and stuck to the questions at hand, Mr. and Mrs. Tratt, after asseting their Jewish credentials, used every available moment at the podium to berate the audience for even thinking of voting for a Democrat. They told lies, tried very bold scare tactics regarding Israel and attempted to link Harry Mitchell to Islamic terrorists. Having already done such disservice and damage to their own candidate they finished off the evening by declaring, and this is close if not a direct quote, that J.D. Hayworth is a better Jew than those people in the audience because he cares more about Israel.
After a chorus of boos those who remained left in absolute disgust. If these are our so called “Jewish Republicans” they can spend all the money they want on newspaper ads. Their very dishonesty will defeat them.

Dear Friend,

I feel compelled to share this with you.

Last night I attended a political debate at Temple Beth Israel sponsored by the National Council of Jewish Women, a non-partisan group. Many people are undecided and this was an opportunity to hear how candidates stood on the issues. First local candidates spoke briefly, then we heard from Jon Kyl and Jim Pederson. The audience favored Jim Pederson with applause and was restless during Kyl’s turns, but over all it was okay.

Next it was Harry Mitchell’s turn to debate J.D. Hayworth. They are both running for the congressional seat in district 5 (all of Scottsdale, Tempe, Ahwatukee and Ft. Hills). J.D. was not there and sent Jonathon Tratt and his wife to represent him. He identified himself as a Jew and said his wife was born in Israel.

It was clear the audience was becoming upset with him when he implied that those who supported Harry were not loyal to Israel. Harry stated he visited Israel last year and has unwavering support for the country many of us hold sacred.

When J.D.’s represenatives accused Harry of being sympathetic to Islamo-Fascists, a few people lost it and began shouting at the speakers. Jonathon’s response was to point his finger at the audience and state, “J.D.Hayworth is a better Jew than you.” At that point the room went into an uproar and most walked out.

There were Jews, Holocaust survivors, Gentiles, candidates, people of every belief and background in the audience. It was inappropriate for him to make that statement.

It’s important to recognize that the National Republican Party has poured $1.5 million into this race in the last week because J.D. cannot run on his record. That’s why you’re seeing untrue attack ads on TV. He has consistently been voted one of the “Ten Worst Congressmen”. He has voted against stem cell research and a woman’s right to choose. He states he wants to do away with Medicare and favors rounding up all illegals and shipping them back to their country. He is clearly an extremist and does not deserve to hold public office.

Harry Mitchell is a man with political saavy, a moderate who has balanced 31 budgets, and exudes integrity.

As Governor Napolitano stated in her support of Harry, “The rest of the country is going to thank us when we elect Harry Mitchell.”

Thank you. If appropriate, please pass this on. The polls show the race is extremely close. Every vote counts.

Meathead Hayworth and heroes photo care of loftydonkey.com.

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  1. I remember when that moron was a SPORTSCASTER , which already exceeded his intellect. All he needs now is a Mel Gibson endorsement and he’ll be all set.

  2. It’s gotten even better–the guy who stood in for JD has been indicted for being a bookie out of a Scottsdale deli. I can’t make up stuff this good!

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