I’m A New Soul, Lusting for A New Computer…

I’ve become rather obsessed with the new MacBook Air. It just looks so slim and lovely compared to my four year-old Powerbook G4, which takes 20 minutes to load iTunes and now reminds me of the chubby little girl dressed like a bee in that Blind Melon video. But then I think how similar its dimensions are to a J. Crew catalog or similar piece of junk mail and I figure if I had one, I’d end up throwing it out in a PMS fit of violent tidiness. And I’m not being neurotic (about this, anyway), ’cause it actually happened.

Poor Stephen Levy’s wife – how long will it take before she’s no longer the neatnik who got fed up with her husband’s piles of newspapers and tossed his computer?

Anyhoo, maybe my adoration of the MacBook Air has more to do with the lovely ditty attached to its TV commericial, sung by Israeli-French sprite Yael Naim.

Isn’t she just lovely?

One thought on “I’m A New Soul, Lusting for A New Computer…

  1. I am not familiar with this computer, but I recognized this song right away. It is the ditty that I keep hearing from my TV when I step away during commercials and I love it! Thanks for putting a name and face to this catchy tune. Yo Yenta is my source for all kinds of information! 😉

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