I’m A Cover Girl

jSo it’s not exactly my face on the cover of this week’s j., but Yo, Yenta! leads off the “People of the Blog” feature by Alix Wall and Rachel Silverman. Kvell away, but all must know that the hair stripes are currently a shade called “Little Red Corvette.”

While this yenta provides the local angle, the story also quotes the blogiful wisdom of Esther Kustanowitz, ’cause what would a piece about Jewish blogging be without My Urban Kvetch?

6 thoughts on “I’m A Cover Girl

  1. Congrats on the new press coverage. I remember when you were blogging on the J america page and I loved the funny posts since then. Glad to see your humor and wisdom is taking your writing to new heights.

  2. Lol, Amishav! You should know I’m only a four-eyes about 40 percent of the time. I’ve been wearing contacts since before my bat mitzvah, back when you still had to boil the things by plugging a contraption into the wall. God bless throwaway lenses.
    I did win the science fair in 7th grade for my radial keratotmy display…but that was, um, a really long time ago and they do it all with lasers now anyway.

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