If X-Men Had Biblical Proportions

kitetze081Aaron Freeman and Sharon Rosenzweig’s colorful weekly parsha, The Comic Torah is always a nutritious mind munchie, and I’ve been following it through its few cycles around the sun. Well, not religiously or anything, but I find their multi-cultural, progressive take on the Tenach much more inspiring than say, the average synagogue sermon. Anyone who approaches God’s word with humor and irreverence while maintaining respect is my kind of scribe, yo.

Now they’re trying to get their “graphic re-imagining of The Very Good Book” onto paper — which would be awesome since then I could actually read it in bed on Saturdays and call it Torah study. Ben Yehuda Press wants to publish the Comic Torah in its full-color glory, but they’ve got to raise $12,000 — which means if 545 and a half of us pre-order a signed copy for $22 by November 18, it gets done like Samson’s hair.

Now, Israel portrayed as hot lady wearing mogen david garters ain’t gonna be for everyone, as Aaron and Sharon attest:

Just a warning: If you are offended by graphic representations of the Deity, racially diverse Israelites, bloodshed, or idolatrous orgies — then The Comic Torah is not for you. (Though in that case, we suggest you approach standard editions of the Torah with caution as well.)

Maybe it’s heresy, but isn’t some Torah education better than none? Make your pledge today, and let ’em know the Yenta sent you!

2 thoughts on “If X-Men Had Biblical Proportions

  1. I’ve been a CT subscriber for a couple of years now. It has certainly evolved. Between my wife and I I think we’ve red them all, going waaaaay back to when they did G-d as a bearded old white guy.

    I somehow missed that they were raising money to publish an actual book. Thanks Yents, I’ll sign up!

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