Hurts So Good

smackSometime during my hiatus, Yo, Yenta! got two smacks at italk2much, the snarkiest of the snarky blog review sites. This is what Sassy Sadie had to say:

I’m assuming that’s her photo in the header graphic. She’s a cute girl. The template is relatively non-offensive. But four Jmerica adverts may be a bit over the top. And those archives in the sidebar really, really need a roll-up ‘cause damn, that’s some long-ass shit. It’s aesthetically pleasing at least…The entries are somewhat political/religious, but I guess that’s the purpose of the blog. It just isn’t my thing. I can appreciate her love for her heritage, but I don’t want to read about it on a blog. There are some interesting entries like the one about the Jewish astronauts in space, but the rest is rather dull unless you’re Jewish or really into it.

You’ll have to take a look at how badly they trash most other blogs to understand that for it2m, this is practically slobbering praise with a cherry on top.

Although I certainly find being called “non-offensive” highly offensive, at least I’m still “a cute girl” weeks away from my 35th birthday and this site is “aesthetically-pleasing” (thanks to the unflagging tech support of Pepe Pringos.) Considering “sucky,” “boring” and “shitty” are the preferred adjectives of it2m’s reviewers (with handles like Bitter Bitch and Princess Pottymouth) I’m awfully proud.

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