How-dee From Hallelu…

Psst…I’m supposed to be working on my opening monologue but I couldn’t resist checking in to let you know what’s up. First, off: Fancy shmancy digs. The nautilus-themed Hotel Indigo is right across the street from the Fox Theater, where Tricia Yearwood played last night and Aretha F’n Franklin is playing next week and where later this afternoon I’ll be making a huge ass out of myself if I don’t get to work. Did I mention the show is sold out? Oy, oy, oy….

Last night after El Yenta Man and I ensconced the children in front of the Disney Channel in their room, we hung out in the lobby bar with the whole mishpotech: Rachel and Michael (the worker bees who implement the vision of Craig n Co,) Mr. Craig himself (and yes, as I’m sure you’re dying to know, he is as much of a silver fox in person), Josh Nelson (the other one) and his adorable wife Debbie (yo! Abe Foxman and the people at the ADL! Y’all are nuts if you don’t hire her!), Rabbi Jessica, Synagogue 3000 president Ron Wolfson and his lovely wife, Susan, as well as various and sundry musicians, one who shares the same quit-smoking date as me (Rosh Hashanah, 5765.) There was scotch involved and let’s just say what happens at the Indigo stays at the Indigo, but I will tell you the highlight of the evening was hearing superstar Theo Bikel harmonize a rock opera version of “Lcha Dodi” with Craig and Alberto Mizrahi (who it not be inappropriate to characterize as “The Jewish Pavarotti.”) Good times, peeps.

All right, time to figure out just what the hallelu I’m doing here. But I keep getting distracted that I get to share a dressing room with Mare Winningham. Poor woman.

4 thoughts on “How-dee From Hallelu…

  1. I feel somewhat connected to you in Atlanta. I’ve stayed at the Hotel Indigo 🙂 And I passed by that very hotel on my recent trip to IKEA.

    I can’t wait to read THE blog.

  2. Welcome back to Savannah- it was great to see the whole family again. Not to complain so soon, but here I go… I checked out the Hallelu web site and WHERE IS YOUR BLOG? El Yenta Man reported to me during the event that you kicked tush, but I still want to read all about it. Whenever you come up for air, let your adoring fans know where we can look. Mazel tov Yenta!!!

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