Hold On Tight, Houston

saved torahsWho can believe that less than a month after these New Orleans torahs were rescued from the wrath of Katrina, Houston’s Jewish community would have to prepare for Rita? These images of Isaac Leider wading through the Beit Israel santuary are quite powerful, hearkening back to the days our ancestors had to carry the Torah on their backs as the pogroms raged; here’s more.

Even though it looks as if Unlovely Rita may be slowing down, a deep prayer will be said ’round the Shabbat table tonight for the protection and safety of anyone and everyone in the path of the storm.

3 thoughts on “Hold On Tight, Houston

  1. The Torahs were taken to Beth Shalom in Baton Rouge. All is not well in BR. Much bigotry exist there in both temples. Sad to say. maybe Jmerica will investigate as to why Rabbi Barry Weinstein was put on Admin Leave and relieved of his keys to the building.

  2. As of 25 Sept. the Torahs from NOLA (Nawlins) are safe and still being housed at Beth Shalom, although the building did sustain some damage.

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