Hashem Is His Co-Pilot

denningNASCAR = SFG*, am I right, people?

I’m not saying us Jews don’t love our sports, but there’s just something about watching dudes drive really fast in circles waiting for a big crash that’s just so … Daniel and the lion’s den. Besides, on what Talledega Night has there ever been a Mansichewitz emblem plastered on the hood of a Chevy?

Well, it turns out Manichewitz might have their day at the track: New Jersey mensch Jon Denning has a rising career in the Bud-soaked, church-heavy world of car-racing, and discusses his recent Birthright trip with JTA, as well as the perils of navigating Jesusland:

“‘Your luck would be better if you came to Jesus,” he said associates told him, suggesting that blown-out engines, flat tires and other failures would disappear once he converted.

But maybe if he wore tefillin while driving he could actually fly.

He’s still in the lower-level leagues, and doesn’t think NASCAR is in any hurry to welcome a Jewish driver into the uber-Christian upper ranks, but if all of us starting watching, and you know, called in all our favors with the media, we could move him up. What do you say – should we crack our Budweisers and bring some Torah to the pit?

*strictly for the goyim. It’s was my bubbe’s favorite phrase, so don’t come after me with your P.C. B.S.

5 thoughts on “Hashem Is His Co-Pilot

  1. A shanda – sorry. I think you’re on target
    about the non-Jewish identity of NASCAR, but in the Bible Belt, Yiddin take a back seat.
    Some ambition this guy has. Yeshiva sounds about right, or maybe medical school. There’s undoubtedly a message in his associates’ counsel, but of course, it has nothing to do with HaShem. Does NASCAR run on the Holy Days? Maybe we have another Sandy Koufax in the making.

  2. Bubbe’s term SFG for “Strictly For Goyim” reminded me of our family’s term for something like NASCAR, or WWF, or pink flamingos on the lawn.

    Goyim Naches!

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