Hashem Gets Branded (Along With Jesus, Buddha, Krishna…)

user submitted pictureThis New York Times article (republished at HoustonChronicle.com so you don’t have to subscribe) informs us that fashion designers are just picking up the trend of wearing one’s spiritual beliefs on the outside and. Let God’s marketing campaign begin!

“There is no question, religion is becoming the new brand,” said Jane Buckingham, the president of Youth Intelligence, a trend-forecasting company. “To a generation of young people eager to have something to belong to…wearing a ‘Jesus Saves’ T-shirt, a skullcap or a kabbalah bracelet is a way of feeling both unique, a member of a specific culture or clan, and at the same time part of something much bigger.”

Or, you could actually go to synagogue or church and participate in religious life. But why, when you can go out and buy a nifty trucker hat?

3 thoughts on “Hashem Gets Branded (Along With Jesus, Buddha, Krishna…)

  1. I wonder if they sell the “I’m Sunni” or “Shi’ite” t-shirts in Iraq so they can wear them proudly on the outside. Just hope they can have peace in thier country where they can wear shirts such as those like we do and not have to fear 4 our lives. basic freedoms we take 4 granted. Sorry for getting political folks, just read some crazy stuff about the conflict and this blog story reminded me of it. Its good to be able to worship without fear here in the USofA. lets preseve that freedom and keep the fanatics out of the government.

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