Handbasket, Anyone?

washinton nationalsThe Washington Nationals baseball organization has suspended team minister Jon Moeller for counseling outfielder Ryan Church that his Jewish ex-girlfriend and the rest of us Jews are going to hell.

JTA reports that Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld met Tuesday with Nationals President Tony Tavares and stated:

“What happened in the locker room was hatred. Everyone’s allowed to believe what they want, but the moment that hatred comes into the locker room, it’s a source of divisiveness.”

This story reeks of University of Georgia cheerleading coach Marilou Braswell, who denied a Jewish sqaud member varsity status because she refused to participate in Braswell’s creepy Christian prayer circles. UGA fired her immediately and Braswell made a huge ass of herself by filing a lawsuit, which exposed the large sums of money she still owed the school for camps she’d hosted. These days she’s probably coaching a neo-Nazi Pop Warner team somewhere in Podunk, GA.

It’s admirable that these organizations act swiftly to remove these people from their jobs — and frankly, if hell is wherever they’re not, we’ll all be just fine.

Hat tip to Stairmaster Scott Steinberg at J.

4 thoughts on “Handbasket, Anyone?

  1. Hatred is always unacceptable, as is religious discrimination. When you use the term, “creepy christian prayer circle,” how are you any different? Just a thought.

  2. Uh, did you read the post? Braswell seemed to think it peachy to make prayer meetings a mandatory team event and implied that non-Christian members who did not attend said meetings were “less committed” to the sqaud.
    Creepy. Scary. Icky.
    If a Jewish cheerleading coach excluded people from team gatherings based on religion, that would be icky, too. Except it’s never happened.

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