Haiti Relief Update

We’ve finally gotten some footage from our sponsor Dave, who’s been in Haiti all week assisting with relief efforts. Besides distributing supplies and helping with triage, Dave and his anonymous Flip cameraman have managed to capture the scope of international presence in decimated Port-Au-Prince.

Here’s a tour of an outdoor hospital run by the IDF, with a spontaneous op-ed speech about why and how the Israelis managed to be the first responders after the disaster:

For more of Dave’s on-the-ground videos including street footage, check out PrimeTime’s YouTube Channel.

I personally have not heard from my Brother the Doctor, who was deployed as part of a FEMA international medical response team last week as well, but according to this piece in the Arizona press, he is hard at work performing trauma surgery at a facility right outside the city.

He did manage to text our mother yesterday with the following image of his accommodations:

My mother forwarded it me, with the message “Well, I guess we can’t call him ‘The Prince’ anymore…”

For reals, we are kvelling to have a family member who has the skills to provide so much help to people in need. In the Yenta house we’ve made some donations, but El Yenta Boy has decided on his own that there is one form of tzedakeh that’s going to fulfill his deep and sincere need to serve: We need to adopt a Haitian orphan.

“Please, Mom? I’d take care of it and feed it and let it sleep in my bottom bunk…”

I told him that he can barely keep the snake cage clean and that generally, we don’t refer to human beings as “it,” but that I’d discuss it with El Yenta Man.

In the meantime, a wish for a peaceful, sheltered, delicious Shabbat to all.

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  1. LMAO! Wow, kids are so sweet and they say the darnedest things! The joys of parenting. At least your son has a kind heart. Thanks for posting those videos – its like Jewish reality TV – the networks would never provide this type of coverage. The IDF is kicking ass.

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