Hag Sameach, Let’s Eat (Outside)!

user submitted pictureWe don’t know about y’all, but we didn’t build a sukkot in our backyard growing up and neither did any of the other Jewish families we knew. We did our share of lulav-shaking back in Hebrew school, but building and eating in a outdoor booth at home meant inviting a golf ball injury to the head. It must be pretty cool to live in a neighborhood like Borough Park, NY, where this photo was taken (c/o Satan’s Laundromat.) We’d love to get a little more Jewish for the Festival ofSukkot, but if we could afford one of these fancy readymade numbers, we’d be paying a mortgage instead of rent. With our paltry carpentry skills, we may have settle for the aforementioned cardboard box. Suggestions welcome. In any case, we’re always down for the food. Hag sameach, everyone!

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