Go Hug A Tree

magnoliaA gentle reminder to all you busy Jews that Tu B’Shvat, the New Year Trees commences tomorrow eve, February 2.

As far as holidays go, this is an easy one to observe — no fasting, no uncomfortable family get togethers, no Hebrew to learn. You can watch Aish’s 90-second movie or peruse Jacob Richman’s list of hot holy sites, and if you’re feeling really ambitious, plan a kabbalistic seder for Shabbat dinner.

You could wear these nifty earrings from Yontifications (the little pomengranate! The baby leaves! Adorable!) to celebrate, or get out to a nearby meadow and make yourself a daisy chain.

And of course, there’s the simple, tried-and-true mitzvah of planting a new tree in Israel with Jewish National Fund.

You can make it personal, too — go talk to a tree and tell it just how much you appreciate its shade-giving, its fruit-bearing, the way it blocks your neighbor from being able to peep into your bathroom window. What’s the best way to say “Happy Birthday” to your favorite tree? Hugging is good; trees like hugs. However, birthday candles are not recommended.

Here in Savannah the magnolias are in full bloom; I think I’ll go climb me one.

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