Former Child Star To Testify Against King Of Pop

user submitted pictureThe Michael Jackson pedophile extravaganza takes on a Jewish twist as 80’s prince Corey Feldman is subpoenaed to testify that Mike showed him some porn once. (Specifically, a book about venereal diseases. Gross. But maybe not quite as gross as what Emmanuel Lewis‘s testimony might be.) If Corey had been studying for his bar mitzvah instead of snorting coke with his buddy Corey Haim, maybe it all could have been avoided.

Good Shabbos, Jmerica.

5 thoughts on “Former Child Star To Testify Against King Of Pop

  1. If you click on that link for Emmanuel Lewis you’re going to read a shocking quote in light of the recent events with Micheal! Funny how that quote slipped by back in the days. The jury is still out on this one (literally!)

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