Fanning the Flames

Happiest final night of Chanukah to all! It’ll be a full-throttle fire hazard at Chez Yenta with all five chanukiahs burning at maximum capacity, and I’m admonishing all to know the location of the closest extinguisher. And as every year, I offer my special menorah cleaning tip as my gift to you: Stick ’em in the freezer overnight and the wax will chip right off.

Speaking of gifts, Jewish Suburban Homeboy Supreme Eric Schwartz, aka Smooth-E, has a last night prezzie for all of us. You may remember Smooth-E’s kicky holiday anthem “Hanukkah Hey-Ya” from 2003, which had bubbies everywhere shaking their tushies like Polaroid pictures, or perhaps his Passover hip-hop ode to the giant cracker, “Matzah.”

He bills his raps as parody, but damn, Smooth-E knows his way around the rhyme, y’all. Now the man who I thank everyday for showing me that “‘Oy’ is just ‘yo’ backwards” is bringin’ the beats into 2010 with his latest:

Brilliant as nine candles burning in the window, nu? Now you’ve got to check out the all-Jew flash mob vid Nefesh B’Nefesh produced to Smooth-E’s “Hanukkah Hey-Ya” on Ben Yehuda Street in Jerusalem:

De-LIGHT-ful! Happy Chanukah, Hanukkah, Honika to ALL!

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