Excellent New Mag

Life has been crazy full this week, so let me direct your hunger for Jewishy things to a brilliant new magazine that’s been on the fringe of my consciousness for the past few months that I’ve only now gotten around to peeking at:

PresenTense is a “transdenominational and international marketplace of ideas,” seeking to “invigorate Hebrew culture by providing a nurturing environment where Jewish youth will be able to explore and enrich their Jewish identity within a civilizational framework.”

Yup, they’re smarties over there, delving into the complexity of Jewish identity by way of books (including Sam Brody’s provovative review of “Jews and the Price of Whiteness in America,”), intellectual discourse, film and theater.

PresenTense presents original poetry, too, which you know is near and dear to my little Yenta heart. And at the risk of drowing in my own dramatic superlatives, I have to say that Ben Pinchus’ “I Dreamt I Was A Middle Aged Fat Lady” is the closest thing to a perfect poem I’ve ever come across. Enjoy.

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