Even Celebs Need A Bissel Matchmaking

user submitted pictureContactMusic reports that actor/director David Schwimmer wants a Jewish wife:
“My parents would be thrilled (if I married a Jew). It makes things a lot easier, sharing a cultural and religious background, but I was raised completely without prejudice or bias in terms of meeting people of other races or cultures or religions – and I am pretty open.”
So, Davey honey, where’s your Jmerica profile already? The woman of your dreams might already be here…or maybe you just need a friend?
Photo c/o David Schwimmer Online.

One thought on “Even Celebs Need A Bissel Matchmaking

  1. Please. He so didn’t say that he wanted a Jewish wife. He said it would be easier with his parents. (Duh.) His bottom line? Non-Jewish is still ok. Still, the guy did date an Israeli actress for a few years.

    If Jmerica starts having celebrity profiles, I’ll be first in line.

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