Don’t Mess With The Pig

I will not deny that I am more than a little vain. I happily wear undergarments that make my tushy look smooth as glass, and thanks to my mother’s scolding wisdom, I have been using eye cream since I was 11.

But I have limits on what I will do to preserve my delicate Polish beauty (mostly because I am cheap and lazy, hence my campaign to bring prematurely gray hair and quick-bitten fingernails into high style) and I definitely draw the line at injecting diseases that kill entire African villages into my laugh lines.

Now that the FDA has approved pig collagen shots as the latest way to play on America’s obsession over growing old ungracefully, I can just play the trayf card, nu?

Thanks to Adam S. for the tip! ~

5 thoughts on “Don’t Mess With The Pig

  1. My maternal grandfather z”l used to refuse to take his insulin shots because he claimed the stuff was derived from “swine” (as he always called the lil’ pink critters). I don’t know if that was true, I’m pretty sure it’s not anymore … at any rate we had to convince him it was OK for medical reasons.

  2. yeeessshhh — I better lay off the sugar or I’ll be an oinker in more ways than one.

    so what’s the halakhic low-down on insulin?

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