Do You Get Angry Bob?

I’d never heard of NYC comedian Angry Bob until Raphael of Disturbingly Yellow sent me this clip of of a very large man with a voice that could chew up rocks, a satanic cross between Andre the Giant and Bruce Vilanch on a cocaine bender. Here he is in Montreal — it starts off slow, but give Angry Bob’s big brand of humor a chance as he learns French, asks locals where they keep their Jews and succumbs to the street cariacture vendor. As Angry Bob says while perched on a tiny stool having his portrait sketched, “Come for the chin, stay for the stretch marks.”

Even more interesting is the blogger who sent it on: Raphael’s bio a fascinating, funny read about a far more disenfranchised Jew than I:

My parents wanted better for me, so escaping Muslim ass kickings of Jews in Asia, we land in Brooklyn, where Orthodox Jewish ass kicking of Muslim-looking me commences.

Disturbingly Yellow
(hello, such a killer blog name) appears to be a mix of politics, personality and international goingson. Anyone whose main political influence is vodka deserves a link.

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