Ding-Dong, The Troll Is Dead

user submitted pictureThe man who showed the world how terrorism is an effective way to achieve fame, fortune and power has finally expired. The official cause of death is brain hemorrhage, but some speculate AIDS, leukemia and/or poisoning by stealthy Jewish ninjas. To our frightened disgust, some American newspapers are touting Arafat as some kind of ‘heroic leader of an oppressed people,’ but we’ll always remember him as the sociopathic, murderous scumbag he was.
The 72 virgins can have his toad ass. Let us pray that by removing his sad sack of bones from the planet, the obstacles to peace he created will disappear as well.

5 thoughts on “Ding-Dong, The Troll Is Dead

  1. I hope now that peace will reign supreme in the Israeli and Palestinian lands. This way, next time I am there I will be free to visit his grave and take a big crap on it.

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