Deadline Shorts

No, this post is not about what I wore to work today with black boots. Too tacky and my veriscose veins would show. Although maybe with tights out to a club later.

It’s that time of the month in my world where I have more tasks to complete than I have brain cells, so here are a few morsels to keep you busy this morning:

Daniel Radcliffe, the Boy Known As Harry Potter (or, for you arty types, The Man Who Got Nekkid Onstage This Summer) has donated his first pair of glasses to the Respectacles Project, part of the Holocaust Memorial Commemorations in Great Britain. This is wonderful news since last year the Brits wanted to cancel the Holocaust.

Yes Virginia, there is such thing as Black Jews. Even George Bush knows that.

If you haven’t gotten the memo, rock music is the future of Judaism. And Craig Taubman is our king.

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