Dances With Torah

user submitted pictureHallelujah for Simchat Torah! Again, this is one of those holidays that our suburban bagel upbringing doesn’t leave us much to impart, but we truly enjoy delving into online Jewish learning resources for the sake of the cause. This last day of Sukkot is one of the happiest days of the year, when we finish up the last chapter of the Torah and then start right back at the beginning (just like you would a Harry Potter novel, only God’s word is so much better!) The Torah is honored with its own dance party, when congregants joyously boogie with the scrolls to commemorate this precious, definitive gift to the Jews.
We West Coast bloggettes feel pretty darn special to share our 33rd birthday with the Torah this year. So much more fun than our 21st, which fell on Yom Kippur, making our first “official” trip to the bar after sundown a lesson in intestinal etiquette that we’d rather not repeat.
*Painting by Ukrainian artist Arenghauz Boris.

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