Damn Do-Gooder

From today’s JTA: A Canadian Jewish leader saved a white separatist who was attacked by protesters at a Halifax hotel. Jon Goldberg, head of the Atlantic Jewish Council, was attending Jared Taylor’s Jan. 16 speech on the costs of racial diversity and integration in North America. Aside from Goldberg, only protesters and journalists attended Taylor’s speech.

In a longer article published by Canadian Jewish News, Goldberg said he was there peacefully to hear Taylor’s message and figure out how to confront it, and added that the American Renaissance editor would “probably die if he knew a Jew saved his neck.”

Taylor does indeed describe himself as a white separatist, as opposed to a white supremacist, which he defines as a person who wishes to rule over others. He is very careful to disassociate with hatemongers as not to tarnish his Ivy-League credentials, though a white pride group promoted his Halifax appearance on their site. But I agree with my man Abe Foxman and the ADL: Taylor’s genteel brand of “rational racism” still stinks like the gutterpunk kind.

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