Dad’s Byline

dad's pakistanMy dad returned safe and reasonably sound from earthquake-shattered Pakistan earlier this year after volunteering his surgical skills at a Christian hospital. He’s published an account of his experiences in this week’s Jewish News of Greater Phoenix that’s waaay more entertaining than this week’s Lost episode. Check out the mountaintop medical conditions and how near death didn’t stop one practical jokester.

Dad, aka Dr. Skip Feinstein, is also a fine photographer; it’s a shame that this photo of one of his colleagues holding a baby born during the 7.6 quake is the only one posted. (Perhaps Dr. Skip has uploaded the rest of his images somewhere shared?)

Dad’s work is such a fine example of tikkun olam and a real inspiration of how life sure as heck doesn’t end at 60. How often does a Jewish daugher get to kvell over her father?

Perhaps a little too often — the meshugganeh is going back to Pakistan next month.

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