Couldn’t She Have Just Gained 15 lbs. Like Everyone Else?

Yeah, this is weird: For some reason, George Washington University freshman Sarah Marshak thought the best way to galvanize school officials to action regarding a rash of anti-Semitic graffiti was to paint swastikas on her own door. Another student has been detained for some of the vandalism, but Sarah was caught on tape marking up her dorm room door at least three times.

“I wasn’t looking to create this sort of insanity. I wasn’t looking to become a media darling. I was just looking for acknowledgment from the university that someone drew a swastika on the door.”

I suppose I can kinda sorta understand the twisted logic of this obviously disturbed girl, but really, honey, call the ADL next time. They’re there for you.

2 thoughts on “Couldn’t She Have Just Gained 15 lbs. Like Everyone Else?

  1. Marshak? The former (I believe now deceased)
    chancellor/president of my college was named
    Marshak. I wonder if they’re mishpochah. Anyway, in an IRA incarcerated prisoner sorta way she makes sense, know what I’m sayin’?
    Protest isn’t always logical.

  2. I dunno Schvach, sounds like someone else was on danger of taking the rap, which ain’t cool at all. FWIW, I’ve been to GW’s Hillel House for Fri nite service and dinner — fantastic & seemingly well-run place, I have a hard time believing that this student couldn’t have gotten some action by working thru Hillel. But as a jaded faculty type, I suspect we’re dealing with juvenille sort of stuff here, what the PC lingo calls a “learning opportunity” — ick! did I just say that?!

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