Canadian Ferry Fuss

imageBritish Columbian commuters are ecstatic (well, as ecstatic as Canadians get, ay) about their new Coastal Renaissance ferry currently under construction. The German-built barge boasts a super-efficient engine, rainwater collection and waste composting capabilities as well as tony lounges with wireless and gourmet treats, but in spite of all the fancy-shmanciness, the symbol emblazoned on the propeller is making some folks uncomfortable:

B.C. Ferries has received about 10 phone calls from people who think the “international prop symbol” looked a little too much like a swastika. While maritime law requires that ships have symbols marking the location of the propellers, other B.C. ferries have only three blades and are more rounded. The fact that the Flensburger Schiffbau-Gesellschaft shipyard, where the ferries are being built, constructed U-boats during the Second World War isn’t helping the paranoia. A spokesperson from the company assures that the symbol has already been altered to something “significantly different.”

Of course, the symbol is on the part of the boat that’s in the water, so few will know about this small victory for Canadian Jewish commuters. But as they’re gliding along, sipping their mochacchinos and playing sudoku online, they can rest a little easier.

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