But Will They Sing “Y.M.C.A.” and “Shout”?

user submitted pictureBritish billionaire Philip Green has reportedly hired BeyoncĂ© and her posse Destiny’s Child to perform at his son’s bar mitzvah, to be held near Cannes. Because you know girl shakes a mean hora, yo. Forget reading the Torah on the bima; a kiss from BeyoncĂ© is what will truly make you a man!
Seriously, if we were a sloppy rich teenage boy we’d make our daddy buy Destiny’s Child, too. But as it is we can only pray that this event will appear someday on BarMitzvah Disco.

Hat tip to the Brits at Daily Jews.

4 thoughts on “But Will They Sing “Y.M.C.A.” and “Shout”?

  1. no, i’m pretty sure his parents were married at the time he was born. He’s a lucky SOB. When I was 13 I would have given anything to get Jody Watley

  2. Hmm, let’s see, if it were me and my bat mitzvah, it’d have been Howard Jones.
    I was a little dorky, sue me.

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