Borscht N’ Slots?

user submitted pictureBefore we had Club Med, the Jews had the Borscht Belt. Kutsher’s Country Club in the Catskills inspired the movie Dirty Dancing (where the Jewish girl gets the stud¬ódo we need to explain why this movie is an all-time classic?) and is the last of a dying breed. In fact, they’re thinking of joining up with a different tribe and turning the historic site where your bubbe and zayde danced the merengue into a casino.
Better grab a reservation before the goyim show up with their buckets o’ nickels.

5 thoughts on “Borscht N’ Slots?

  1. THIS SUCKS! Does this meen we are selling out to the goyim “OR” ARE WE SMART ENOUGH TO MAKE MONEY OFF THE GOYIM? I think it is we are to make money off of them.

    Signed BSG

  2. The casino will not take the place of the hotel…The casino plans have it being built on the adjoining Kutchers Sports Camp property…sasha119 6/15/05

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